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f(t) = (x(t), y(t))
      t0 ≤ t < t1
            dragnavigate graph
            shift+dragcontrol level of zoom
            esccenter viewport, set default zoom
            shift+escwipe plots from graph
            uundo last plot

            Usable keywords: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, pow, log, sqrt, abs, PI, E. You can also use any JavaScript you like (math functions are in the Math namespace).

            Enter x(t) and y(t) into the first two boxes. Enter t0 and t1, the bounds on t, into the next two boxes. Finally, specify the plot color in CSS notation (either #hex or a color word) and hit the plot button. In the chart on the left, 'drag' refers to left-clicking on the graph and moving the mouse with the left mouse button depressed. Alternatively, you can make fine adjustments using the arrow keys. Note that f(t) is sampled at discrete intervals (between which is it linearly interpolated), so if you attempt to graph a curve that turns sharply at high speeds, expect some angles. Have fun!